Saturday, 19 September 2015

Try Throwing Away That Pride For Once

This manga caps is my edit from my once favourite manga, but it's already ended. The mangaka of Hirunaka No Ryuusei is so gentle put the words that melts the readers who read her manga. The word choice was so perfect match and we can felt the characters feel better. I always love Yamamori Mika Sensei Mangas. 

But actually the word is just close enough with what I feel, please just throw your pride once to make me happy :)

Friday, 18 September 2015

One Thing

The Only things I am sure about is nobody will hurt me as much as you did. 
I am vulnerable when It comes to you. 


What I feel for you , 
It beats words. 
It beats words. 
I promise you. 

I still Love You anyway

How much you've hurt me or spit some hurtful words to me, I still love you. 
I don't know why, all that bad time starts to fade away and I don't remember whats hurt back then. Small mistakes and small hurt will fade away. 
Big mistakes, big fights will eventually be forgiven even we will never forget it. 

You are the same too, even how bad I am, how big my mistakes to you, you'll eventually forgive me and cannot stay angry at me. 

Me too, when you did something hurtful I can't angry or yelled at you. I cried silently, it always like that. 
People say, the highest act of love is when someone you love hurt you, you can't be mad at them and just cried because you think they just don't know what'd they doing. 

Whatever and However the sotuation is I will stay by your side, support you and protect you. Inshaa Allah :) 

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Saturdate ❤️

It's been a looong time since I've had a date on saturday night. It's fun. I'd accompany him to search some outfit like jacket and jeans and I did some hunting for SAMBIL JAJAN. 

We drove motorcycle on this hot city but it's okay. With you everything became cooler. Blaah :p

1st destination is Galaxy Mall. We came to Pull & Beat at first and then Stradivarius. After that we go up to Foodcourt Area and then found this old time ice cream ( I mean this ice cream is so popular back then hmm like 2 or 3 years ago) 
Yaay it's Murasaki Imo (Taro) Flavour never change just like before xD 

And then searching on centro for a while but get nothing and then strolling around. We got hungry and then stop by Suteki and decided to take a bite. (Well, not a bite actually :p). 

They hava promo tight now. 30.000 IDR get selected Sushi and 2 piece of Takoyaki with Ice Tea! Wow It became real cheaper you now! The First Dish was Sakura Roll and the second sushi was Snow Roll (my fav from this two).

Aaand we ordered some extra sushi for taste. Its Furai Roll xD

Huft. I am full already. After that we search some desserts and decided to try MoruMilk ( it's so hit lately but Goota still my favourite) 

After that we flew to Tunjungan Plaza to watch a movie cause we have two free pass but it only can be used in Tunjungan 21 and all other 21 cinema not XXI. 
So we walk around for a bit to Point Break and Matahari and then watch A movie "No Escape" this movie is surprisingly good. It tells a story about how Thailands People kill foreigner brutaly because some inside job. Well you should search the synopsis on IMDB for more. Pierce Brosnan on it so I am choose this movie over others xD 

Then finally we tired and go home x3
See you next time readers. 
Right now I am so excited writings on blog and I hope I can keep it up for the next few months or even years ^^

Saturday, 12 September 2015

New Banner !!!!

Kyaaa finally I make a Banner for this random blog xD 
It's simple but strong like this blog ehe ^^

Thank you for reading my blog whoever and wherever you are. God bless you :) 

Friday, 11 September 2015

Reach 400 Followers !!

Yahoooooo how's your day? 
Its late means my time to post something  like the blog said, "Let's chat before bed" ^^

I've started this instagram account 3 weeks ago and I keep posting one photo minimum on each day. And Now It has 411 followers already xD 

I know its not much but I am so happy! 
Keep support me so I can reach a tousand more followers ! 

Good night ! 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Define me

It's soo true! 
You can't define someone over their weight. This is how fat girl like I am defend themself actually ^^;